Banyuglugur Carbon Storage Program at Selobanteng Village


The local environmental issue in Selobanteng village is the limited source of water with a minimum flow rate which triggers the long dryness and bad soil conditions which are causing the forest function to retain water is not optimal.

Paiton Energy started the forest conservation program in Selobanteng village in 2009 as a corporate social and environmental responsibility initiative, which involves many parties to improve the economic life in Selobanteng. The forest conservation program in Selobanteng has achieved results, some of them are:

  1. Donation of 150,000 trees, 105,077 will continue to be a source of oxygen and 4,926 trees have been cut and sold for Rp. 1,127,960,000 (5% of the total number of donated trees to KTT Selamatkan Pohon).
  2. A total of 599 farmers are beneficiaries of the program.
  3. The condition of land cover remains in the moderate category and is likely to slowly improve with planting activities in the sloped areas to prevent landslides.
  4. In 5 years, carbon storing in the area is estimated to be about 140 tons. In 10-18 years, carbon storing is expected to increase to 420 tons.
  5. Awards won:
    In 2013, Selobanteng Village won 3rd Place in the DESA PEDULI HUTAN in Situbondo Regency.
    In 2016, the Selobanteng Village Program received the “INDONESIAN GREEN AWARD” for biodiversity.