Kampung Blekok, Situbondo Regency

Paiton Energy works together with Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Situbondo (Environ- mental Service of Situbondo) on deve- loping conservation area for Endangered birds and mangrove at Kampung Blekok. The MOU was signed on 8th Februari 2018.

Kampung Blekok is a mangrove area and bird habitat located at Dusun Blekok, Klatakan Village in Kendit, sub district, Situbondo Regency.

Paiton Energy, together with the local government, collaborated on the conservation efforts for mangroves and endangered birds habitats, and are responsible for their environmental sustainability.

The program helps to educate the local community to understand how important it is for people to participate in this field. The community is invited to manage their own waste and will be trained to identify the types of biodiversity that exist in their environment so that they can maintain and utilize their environment wisely.