Tampora Beach (Eco Tourism)


Coastal, hills, and underwater clean up at Tampora was held on 4 March 2018. The aim of the activities was to educate the public and encourage them to take a part in protecting the environment by sorting trash and adopting a 3R lifestyle (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

Attended by 1000 people, CSR Paiton Energy held the environment program, collaborating with local government.

Diver team was ready to clean-up Tampora beach.

The previous Coastal clean-up was held at TPI –HPSN on 25 February. On the occasion, CSR Paiton Energy provided two motorcycles garbage truck to support the operation of waste management in communities.

On 22 April 2018, CSR Paiton Energy worked together with East Java CSR Forum to celebrate Earth Day by conducting coastal and underwater clean-up in Gili Ketapang Island, Probolinggo.This event was initiated by Paiton Energy and was supported by more than 20 companies members of the East Java CSR Forum, environment communities, East Java divers, East Java provincial government, Probolinggo government, and communities in Gili Ketapang.

Earth Day coastal and underwater clean-up is held to educate people and encourage them to care for the environment by reducing plastic usage and prevent plastic waste being thrown into the sea, toward achieving a better life, both ecologically and economically.