Currently, the number of people who have contracted the HIV/AIDS virus is still growing. It shows that HIV cases are still increasing. Based on this fact, many communities have been continuously providing socialization through small groups in areas with high risk of HIV/AIDS transmission, with regard to the importance of understanding HIV/AIDS so that the communities will be more sympathetic toward HIV patients, while also being aware of the risks.


To create healthy communities and improve their quality of life, without discrimination.


Continuous socialization, provide medical support for communities, and provide protection to people who have been infected by HIV/AIDS.


Socialization, KEPO (Kelompok Peduli ODHA) activities, Assisting P3KM activists, cadaver treatments, equipment for P3KM needs, P3KM ofce equipment, workshops, and celebrate HIV/AIDS Day.


Probolinggo Regency Health Agency and Probolinggo Regency Social Agency.


To increase health awareness in communities.

To reduce the stigma and discrimination on AIDS patients.

To help and assist people who need access to health services.

To help ODHA (People infected by HIV/AIDS) and their families in health services, advocating for social impact and treatment.

To develop cooperation with local health agencies, AIDS commissions, community medical centers and private companies to be involved in community health development to overcome problems.