Posyandu – Production of Additional Nutrients for Infants and Elderly

Posyandu – Production of Additional Nutrients for Infants


Additional nutrients for infants production training.



To develop and to improve social skill.

To reduce malnutrition cases by producing additional nutrients from moringa leaf.

To give nutrition and food processing knowledge for Posyandu cadres.

Posyandu cadres to receive knowledge of PIRT licensing procedures.

Posyandu cadres can produce additional nutrients food with local ingredients and sell it.

CSR Support



Probolinggo Regency Health Agency and Situbondo Regency Health Agency.

Posyandu Cadres

Community Medical Centre in Paiton, Kotaanyar, Jabung, and Banyuglugur.

Posyandu – Posyandu for Elderly


Support the government in health services by contributing to the health of the elderly, social economy, and good psychological services so that the elderly can maintain a satisfying life in their community.


  • To improve health and quality of life.
  • Optimizing bio-psycho-social and spiritual aspects of life.


Health services, sports activities, and outreach.

CSR Support

Medical devices, waiting chairs for elderly participants in the medical center, elderly cadre tables.


Probolinggo District Health Office and Situbondo District Health Office in several health centers (Puskesmas Paiton, Kotaanyar, Jabung and Banyuglugur).