Traditional Market Empowerment


To create a clean and healthy market.

To strengthen people awareness on the importance of a clean and healthy market.

To create understanding that a clean and healthy market environment is important for people’s welfare.

Indicator Outcome

PHBS ( Clean and Healthy Life Behavior) is increasing in the market environment.

The increasing income of merchants in the market.

Changes in behavior such as cleaner market environment, improving comfort and happier visitors .


Probolinggo Regency Trade and Industry Agency
Probolinggo Regency Health Agency
Probolinggo Regency Environmental Agency
Probolinggo Regency Cooperative Agency

CSR Support

Providing market infrastructure, trainings handling APAR, and materials such as trash cans, compost barrels, garbage chopping machine, fire extinguisher, medical equipment, and aprons.

Market under CSR Paiton Energy Program

Paiton Market, Semampir Market, Dringu Market, Maron Market, and Leces Market.